1. I want to build a skatepark, can you help me?

If you’ve already done the bulk of your fundraising and are ready to move forward with the design-bid-build process in your city we can absolutely help you. If you’re just getting started on your mission we suggest utilizing the Public Skatepark Development Guide. It’s the best one-stop shop for all skatepark development guidance and it’s free online: publicskateparkguide.org.

2. How do I support SLSF?

For individual contributions under $1000, please contact us. For larger funding or land contributions use our contact form: streetleaguefoundation.org/contact to share your details with us. We’d love to hear from you!

3. You just built another park in California, what about where I live?

We are working with The California Endowment to build 14 skate plazas in all 14 of the cities they have identified in their Building Healthy Communities Initiative in California, but we want to build skate plazas everywhere! Half of the skate plazas we’ve built so far are outside of California – Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio and Mexico City, Mexico all have SLSF skate plazas.

4. Do you only build skate plazas with California Skateparks?

Not at all! We’re happy to work on projects with any builders that are capable of meeting the high quality standards necessary to earn an SLSF Certification. Too many times to count we’ve seen contractors without the proper experience waste years of hard work by skatepark activists and untold amounts of money by building inferior skateparks that are at best poorly constructed and at worst dangerous. In order to eliminate any chance of this happening on SLSF projects, California Skateparks must either build or oversee a qualified contractor in the construction of SLSF Certified Skate Plazas. As an example, Roxhill Skatepark in Seattle was built by Grindline and overseen by California Skateparks.