In the spirit of giving back, the Street League Skateboarding Foundation was established with the goal of increasing global participation in skateboarding and to create healthy, sustainable communities by promoting the inherent benefits of skateboarding throughout the world.


SLSF assists municipalities, non-profits, and private donors with the design, development, and construction of legal and safe skate plazas, as well as assists with educational programs that both increase understanding and encourage the participation in skateboarding.
SLSF seeks to foster healthier communities by promoting and providing access to skateboarding to all levels of society equally. Along with the building of parks, programs have also included the donation of skateboards within low-income communities, and programming of events at SLSF public plazas that bring Street League Skateboarding Pros to meet and skate with the local communities. Skateboarding is a proven way to instill self-confidence, promote self-expression, and encourage an active lifestyle. Through continuous outreach to local governments, parks and recreation departments, and local urban renewal and community improvement committees, we hope to show how designated skate plazas can invigorate and enrich their communities.


We encourage major corporations and organizations to support legal street skateboarding, and to give back to their communities through funding or land donations, as well as other means to give the local communities a healthy and safe place to skateboard and have fun.


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